Yingit Inc is dedicated to revolutionizing the world of Sports Communications worldwide thru use of Mobile based technology. Our moto is, real time relevant information anywhere, any time, and on any mobile device. We believe thru exceptional innovative mobile technology, not only enhances the way we understand sports—it will also redefine the way we watch sports and interact with the participant and each other.

Yellfy is redefining the world of sports from the sports fan’s perspective, as we understand, sports is all about the Fan and how to engage and make the Fan’s experience much better, where others look at sports from the leagues and teams perspective and forget about the most important element, ” The Fan “.

Yellfy Sports is at the forefront of eSports as today, people spend more time playing video games than they do playing all physical sports, and eSports are poised to become bigger than the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL combined. By 2020, the industry is expected to be worth as much as $40 billion, with viewership growing to reach over 589 million people worldwide.

Ramin Rastin

Chief Technology Officer, SVP

Previously as a RCIO for Time Warner Cable, Regional CIO for COX Communications, Global CIO for Vartech and Member of CIO Services Team in IBM Global Services, I Have Been Responsible for Delivering Large Scale Business Solutions such as Migration of Core Systems to Cloud Platforms that Supports Needed Scalability and Provided Advanced Capabilities on a Global Scope.